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Fountain Missions


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As wise stewards of the resources that the Lord provides, The Fountain has chosen to strategically focus our mission efforts. By concentrating our energy, both spiritually and financially, it enables us to have a greater impact in the mission field. It is for this purpose that we have fostered partnerships with key ministries serving in specific areas, both locally and globally.

We have considered Missions outreach a part of our DNA as a congregation since the church was founded over 40 years ago. The Fountain has accepted a powerful Mantle of Prayer for the nations of the world, believing that God has called us to intercede and travail for God’s preservation, Holy Spirit revelation and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Due to the nature of some areas our workers are serving in, security and personal safety can be of concern. For more information about specific ministries and areas that we support, please contact our Missions Department.

Esther Lindfors
Missions Pastor

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